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Advancing Scientific R&D with Dr. Rebecca Brachman & Permutation Ventures

Dr. Rebecca Brachman, Neuroscientist at Columbia University, has been
leading research into developing “paravaccines”: drugs to prevent mood
disorders (currently, all drugs only suppress symptoms). Her research
and results have attracted global press, including a recent TED talk.

One paravaccine she discovered is Ketamine, which is already used in
humans. However, because Ketamine is a generic drug, there are no strong
financial incentives or opportunities to develop a marketable
therapeutic for this new prophylactic use. Highlighting this as an
example of a fail point of the healthcare R&D pipeline, Rebecca has been
campaigning for systematic approaches to improving and funding 'basic'
and translational science, such as the use of Social Impact Bonds.

This Thursday, Permutation Ventures invites you to join Rebecca and our
team for dinner and discussion on constraints and opportunities in
advancing scientific R&D.

Please RSVP either directly to this email or with questions, to


Permutation Ventures
355 Bryant Street #203, San Francisco, 94107
Door Code - #1850

Earlier Event: September 10