I completed my PhD in laboratory of Dr. Rene Hen, a world-expert on antidepressants, serotonin, and the hippocampus. I worked closely with Christine Denny, who was also a graduate student of the time. Christine's expertise was in learning and memory, while mine was in depression, neuroimmunology, and stress resilience. Dr. Denny is now faculty at Columbia University.

Additional Key Personnel

Paravaccine development

Christine Denny, PhD - Cofounder (Paravax); Assistant Professor (Columbia University); Research Scientist V (RFMH/NYSPI)

Rene Hen, PhD - Professor of Neuroscience and Pharmacology (Columbia University); Research Scientist VII (RFMH/NYSPI)

Yuval Neria, PhD - Professor of Medical Psychology (Columbia University); Research Scientist VI (RFMH/NYSPI)

Donald Landry, MD, PhD - Chair, Department of Medicine; Director, Division of Experimental Therapeutics (Columbia University)

Shi-Xian Deng, PhD - Associate Research Scientist; Operational Director, Organic Synthesis Collaborative Center (Columbia University)

Michael Billet, MIA - Executive Director, Columbia Translational Neuroscience Initiative

Ron Katz, PhD, MBA - Associate Director of Manhattanville Licensing, Columbia Technology Ventures


Stuart Firestein, PhD - Cofounder (NeuWrite)

Tim Requarth, PhD - Director (NeuWrite)

Carl Schoonover, PhD - Cofounder (NeuWrite)